About Us

Armed with ideas and a zeal to conquer the construction industry, Modsan construction was established in Kenya.We have built our reputation as a construction and infrastructure development company that puts people first. By harnessing the power of relationships between our company, our partners and our clients, we transform landscapes, communities and minds.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to not be limited to completion on time and on budget but we are committed to outperform - to exceed our Clients' expectations consistently. We hope to build long-term value for our customers, shareholders and employees, and for society at large. Therefore, We are dedicated to the essential integrity of each job and to continue improving the full-service of quality construction.

The Departments

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Commercial & Residential


We implement state of the art, innovative workmanship in construction. This, paired with both an innovative and dedicated approach to the design, documentation and execution of projects, has seen to it that we become a sought-after brand.

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Fabrication & Installation


Our fabrication is done off-site at our in-house engineering facility and incoperates computer-controlled pre-fabrication and fabrication processes that simulate and analyze complete project life cycles prior to fabrication and installation.

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Civil, Electrical & Water


We deliver customised solutions for specific designs to meet unique construction requirements. Through the adoption of the best processes and technologies in the industry, we excel in electrical, water, sanitary, structural and civil works.